Friday Roundup: Self-Publishing Stories You May Have Missed

Cover of the 2001 CD reissue
Cool Hand Luke author Frank Pierson died this week.  He will be missed. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This week we have some very interesting articles.  What I notice each week when surfing the internet for news is that the self-publishing industry boom is not going away but is growing.  The proof is in the news.

1.  FastPencil is merging with Barnes and Noble– Finally somebody gets it.  One of the biggest problems with being a self-published author is that our books are usually non-returnable.  This merger solves that at least for Barnes & Noble because now through FastPencil  indie authors will be able to have a copy of their books on all the Barnes & Noble shelves in the country.  The kinks are still being worked out, but this is a huge step forward for self-published authors.  It is also a little expensive as the related article below will explain.

2.  Mark Coker, Founder of Smashwords, Talks Self-Publishing – Suw Charman-Anderson interviews the self-publishing pioneer and we find out what is trending right now in this booming field.  I think authors everywhere will find his statements exciting.

3.  Department of Justice Lawsuit News – I have been following this story weekly, and Jason Boog updates us on the brass tacks of the collusion suit against Apple mostly by the DOJ.  This could be a game changer for all of us.

4.  The Relationship Between Writing, Art & Money – Lisa Rankin explores a difficult conundrum for writers everywhere.  When I settled into writing as my purpose in life, I realized that I may never be rich or recognized, but didn’t really care.  Rankin writes about all the thoughts we all have had and gives us insight that is poignant and interesting.

5.  The Death of Frank Pierson – I, like my father before me, am a great lover of westerns.  It was a sad week indeed to learn that the man who wrote “Cool Hand Luke” and “Have Gun, Will Travel” passed away.  Read this retrospective and mourn.

6.  8 Mistakes Made When Submitting Stories Online – The Huffington Post ran this story that is packed with essential things authors need to know.  It is extremely helpful and important to read this before submitting to an agency or a publisher.  Great advice.

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One thought on “Friday Roundup: Self-Publishing Stories You May Have Missed

  1. Thanks for the Info! So sorry to hear about Frank Pierson 😦 You won’t find me using Fast Pencil anytime soon. And if I were to make enough to be able to afford their “service”, I would, I think, try a different approach… Who knows? I hope I’ll find out in a few years!

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