“The U.S. of After” Mostly Free e-Book Is Available NOW!


The world has ended…sort of.  Wandering through the apocalypse are a band of people simply trying to survive, but their lives, like our own, have a greater destiny not immediately visible to the naked eye.  Follow this band of reluctant heroes as they journey south to New Orleans based on a hope found in a whispered rumor around a campfire.  They will face bandits, cannibalistic militia and spiritual forces bound to destroy them, but with faith they can survive, must survive, for the hope of all humanity.

  Amazon Kindle (.99 cents or FREE with Prime Membership)
Barnes & Noble Nook (.99 cents)
Smashwords has the book FOR FREE in SEVERAL formats including Kindle (.mobi), Nook/Sony/etc (.epub), PDF, HTML, RTF, Palm, etc.  Simply download it, hook up your e-reader to your computer and move it over or read it online or read it on your computer.
ALL I ASK IN RETURN: Read it and then review the book on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or Smashwords or wherever you want to write about it.  If you like it, then by all means Tweet it, share it, give it away, blog about it, or delete it after an angry tirade.  Don’t forget to read the disclaimer and by all means enjoy the ride.

Thank you everyone for all of your support!  Now off to finish Book 2: The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan.

Published by Roger Colby, Novelist, Editor

Roger Colby is a novelist and teacher who has taught English for nearly two decades. He is also an avid reader of science fiction who feels, like many other sci-fi readers, that he has read everything. He writes science fiction for the reader who is looking for the next best thing, something to excite them into reading again. This blog is his journey as a writer and his musings about writing. He also edits manuscripts for a fee and is an expert at helping you reach your full potential as a writer.

7 thoughts on ““The U.S. of After” Mostly Free e-Book Is Available NOW!

  1. Congratulations, Roger! I’ve reblogged this, tweeted and shared on Facebook!

    I still have two poetry books to read and review before I can get to this one, but I will let you know when I’ve finished reading it. I downloaded from Smashwords to my kindle reader – will post a review on Smashwords, and also on my Books and Ebooks to Check Out page on my blog.

    Happy August! 🙂

  2. Reblogged this on Julie Catherine and commented:
    Roger Colby’s newest ebook is available today! Free on Smashwords, $.99 on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble – check it out and download your copy today – all Roger asks is that you post a review! Congratulations, Roger!

    1. Roger, when I reblogged this, the cover came out absolutely HUGE – it takes up my whole page, and I can’t adjust it (probably because it’s reblogged) lol!

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