NaNoWriMo Tip #16: Free Write


Today’s tip comes from a lyric I heard in the new Soundgarden album King Animal (It has indeed been too long).  The song is entitled Halfway There and the lyric follows:

“I woke up with my feet nailed down and my head moving the speed of sound” (Chris Cornell)

As a writer, many times I feel like this.  I have so many ideas that I want to express on the page, but the mechanics of writing the novel sometimes get in the way.  I just don’t know how to begin the sentence or the phrase or the starting dialogue and then bog down in the process.

The solution to this is to free write.  Write whatever comes to mind on a separate document, let your mind scream through the ideas you have until you can think about them enough to begin a more readable prose structure.

Try it if you are stuck.  It will free you up so that you can get back to writing that novel.

Published by Roger Colby, Novelist, Editor

Roger Colby is a novelist and teacher who has taught English for nearly two decades. He is also an avid reader of science fiction who feels, like many other sci-fi readers, that he has read everything. He writes science fiction for the reader who is looking for the next best thing, something to excite them into reading again. This blog is his journey as a writer and his musings about writing. He also edits manuscripts for a fee and is an expert at helping you reach your full potential as a writer.

One thought on “NaNoWriMo Tip #16: Free Write

  1. What a lot of nano writers forget is that such free form notes can and should be counted towards their total word count! Once you’ve finished madly typing up all those bits of inspiration, use strikeout or highlight to show that these are notes and not an integral part of the narrative. Once the first draft is finished and the issues raised by the notes have been dealt with, they can be deleted permanently. But not until after November 30!

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