New Podcast Up: SoonerCon 24 Podcast Panel!

Ryan and I are actually having a great time, it's just that we have "resting murder face".
Ryan and I are actually having a great time, it’s just that we have “resting murder face”.

This is a very special podcast episode.  Ryan and I were invited to be panelists this year at Oklahoma’s premiere local science-fiction/fantasy convention, SoonerCon 24.  We were also asked to be on a panel (among other panels) discussing podcasting and how one can get involved in the podcast medium.

We had a great time discussing how to get involved in podcasting and what it can do to benefit your writing career, not only how it can get your name out there in front of potential readers, but mostly how to get started.

We were joined by some great panelists.

D.L. Nelson and Scott Sackett, hosts of the popular pop culture podcast “Better Than Fiction”, moderated the panel and did a great job discussing their own podcasting experience, namely how to get your podcast off the ground running with little technical knowhow and equipment.

We were also joined by the universe’s renowned Star Trek authority Larry Nemecek, blogger, artist, and star of the popular “Star Trek: Continues” series of films on YouTube and also of the hit podcast “Trekland on Speaker”.  Larry has worked in media for many years and was very knowledgeable about the industry, providing much insight into the podcasting medium and how to really market yourself.

Last but not least we were privileged to be joined by Ethan Nahte, winner of the 2004 John L Balderston award, a long time journalist who has interviewed countless celebrities and musicians, and who is publishing a novel soon to add to his many published short stories and other media. The discussion was lively and informative, and hopefully listeners can learn all they need to know about starting and maintaining their own podcast.

You really need to check out our guests at their respective websites:

Better Than Fiction
Larry Nemecek
Ethan Nahte

Of course you can find this special podcast episode right here.

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