My Blog Is Moving (or) When Will This One Be Deleted?

movingI have finished working on my new website and now it is finished and up and running.  For years I have dealt with the confusion of being on multiple platforms (i.e. my amazon author page, youtube channel, blog) and now everything is in one convenient place.

After some research and hair pulling (I can’t really spare much) I have finally moved all of my previous blog posts over to my Squarespace website.

If you want to set up your own affordable website, I’m completely satisfied with Squarespace as a host.  They are amazing.  I bought the domain for $20 and then I will pay a yearly $144 total for the domain and the website.  Their interface has a low learning curve (as I’m not much of a techie) which made the process somewhat headache free.  I’m still working on SEO integration with Google and Bing, and the site allows me to apply to Apple News so that my blog posts will be available there as well.

If you are a faithful follower, I humbly ask that you go over to the new website and follow the blog via e-mail.  It will send out an e-mail every time I post a new article.

I have one coming up about what writers can learn from Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, so you don’t want to miss out on this heavily researched piece.  From now on I will be focusing on gleaning great literature for writing tips and sharing about self-publishing ideas and tricks I come across.  Nothing political.  Nothing controversial.  Just promotion, basically.  I’m sure many of you will thank me for that.

When the left-right political stuff is showing up on the newest episode of Roseanne, I’m sure you don’t want it in your self-publishing and writing tips articles.

I’ll be deleting this blog in one month!  (April 28th)

I look forward to keeping your readership, and hope that the new website will inspire you to greatness!

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