A Sentence Diagramming Lesson Your Students Will Love

One skill lost on many modern students is the ability to break down sentences. Of course, diagramming sentences the old-fashioned way is frowned upon as “outmoded” or “blasé”. Nothing could be further from the truth especially when teaching students with limited sentence construction skills. I developed an idea one day about an activity which requiresContinue reading “A Sentence Diagramming Lesson Your Students Will Love”

Make Some Money By Posting Old Blog Posts to Medium

I stumbled upon a little trick to help myself earn a tiny bit more income on the side: Medium.  Medium.com is a blog publishing site where anyone who has an account (which is free) can write content and get paid. The way you get paid is to write good content and then readers will “clap”Continue reading “Make Some Money By Posting Old Blog Posts to Medium”

Book Launch: The Shibboleth Code Is Finally Available!

After a long wait and a lot of struggle, the final book in the Five Rims Series is finally available! Description: Guillermo and Mitsuki, the last humans in existence, have survived their escape through the dangerous purple ionic cloud. Their broken gunship floating helpless in space, they are picked up by a gargantuan dreadnaught, healedContinue reading “Book Launch: The Shibboleth Code Is Finally Available!”

Oklahoma Government A Picture of America’s Future

Today I took a trip with a few colleagues to the Oklahoma State Capital.  We arrived in the morning, looked around immediately for our representatives, but unfortunately they were nowhere to be found. I popped up to Rep. Josh Cockroft’s office (Republican) and he had this handy sign on the door: He wouldn’t see usContinue reading “Oklahoma Government A Picture of America’s Future”

The Elephant In the Room: My Next Novel and It’s Hopeful Impact

Wow.  It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to this blog. Honestly it’s been an insane two months. On December 5th, my 76 year old mother entered the hospital because of complications following a routine colonoscopy, and I only brought her home a week ago Thursday.  She developed a bleed that wouldn’t stop, soContinue reading “The Elephant In the Room: My Next Novel and It’s Hopeful Impact”

What Novels Inspire Your Writing?

As stated many times on this blog, good writers must in turn be good readers.  I don’t mean you can read lots of words or big words (sorry Trump) but I simply mean that good writers seek out good writing to emulate when working toward that new idea for a fiction piece. Lately I’ve readContinue reading “What Novels Inspire Your Writing?”

A Poem: “Wrong Mailbox”

Wrong Mail Box Fiancées wedding shower. I am the solitary man at this gathering, Unaware that men are not Invited to these things, But anticipating The outing I have devised for later For my future bride: Italian Bistro and “Will Rogers Follies” For now I wander the dimly lit cavernous halls of the church, ForContinue reading “A Poem: “Wrong Mailbox””

Think Carefully About Your New WIP

I am in the uphill struggle to finish the final book in the Five Rims series, and as the kids say, the struggle is real.  I have been bombarded with so many new ideas for novels that it has become that much more difficult to finish the current novel because I want to move on withContinue reading “Think Carefully About Your New WIP”