5 Ways to Re-energize Your Muse

If you write as much as I do then you probably hit a snag now and again.  This gnarled, moss-covered branch that catches on the canoe of your creativity can be broken but one needs to have the right tools to cut it loose. Focus on the Task at Hand – Currently I’m slogging throughContinue reading “5 Ways to Re-energize Your Muse”

5 Things to Consider Before Writing a NaNoWriMo Outline

The annual National Novel Writing Month (November) is only a few weeks away.  If you haven’t started on your outline for the event, then you’re in luck!  I’ve narrowed down the five most important things you should think about before you start work on it. Overkill – I’m sure you have a germ of aContinue reading “5 Things to Consider Before Writing a NaNoWriMo Outline”

3 Reasons to Not Write a Series (AND 3 Reasons Why You Should)

I’m trying my darnedest to finish the third book in the Five Rims series, and writing this blog entry isn’t really helping me achieve that goal…or is it? I think that I will never attempt another series.  It’s not that my series isn’t exciting as it really is.  I love the idea of creating a massiveContinue reading “3 Reasons to Not Write a Series (AND 3 Reasons Why You Should)”

A Writer’s Review: Blade Runner 2049

As anyone who reads this blog would know, I’m a massive Philip K. Dick fan.  Recently there has been a huge flood of films and television programs adapting some of the greatest of Dick’s short stories and novels.  Of course, this is nothing new.  Hollywood has been mining his work for years. Blade Runner isContinue reading “A Writer’s Review: Blade Runner 2049”

A Writer’s Review: Stephen King’s “IT”

I see a lot of movies.  Maybe it’s just my love of good story, but I thought that I’d start reviewing some of the movies I see on this blog and write about them from a writer’s perspective. Story is highly important, but I also have some background in film so I thought that reviewingContinue reading “A Writer’s Review: Stephen King’s “IT””

Speaking Engagement: A Poem

I was invited once again to Ryan McKinley’s “Ricochet” event, a speaking engagement where he invites speakers of various backgrounds to tell true stories about themselves for a welcome audience.  The show was broadcast live on Facebook and is on his podcast or will be soon. The premise is that the speakers have to tell aContinue reading “Speaking Engagement: A Poem”

5 Myths About Writing Science Fiction

So you want to write a science fiction novel.  However, you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing.  Perhaps you read science fiction like this humble author and you’d like to try your hand at writing something in the science fiction genre. Well, there are a few myths about science fiction novelists, and I’mContinue reading “5 Myths About Writing Science Fiction”

5 Steps to Shaking Writing Doldrums

I promise, writing muse, I shall never write another book series.  I just don’t have it in me.  In the beginning, I started out writing this Five Rims series with vim and vigor.  I spent 6 months on the backstory and on the various planets and races encountered within the pages, but now that the final novelContinue reading “5 Steps to Shaking Writing Doldrums”

Philip K. Dick and a Writer’s Subconscious

Currently I’m working on the third and final book in the Five Rims trilogy: “The Shibboleth Code”. It is an arduous task, and even though I love the characters and the setting and I feel like I’m really bringing the story to a close, I am so ready to get on with another book. I have ideasContinue reading “Philip K. Dick and a Writer’s Subconscious”