“The 100”: The Death Knell of the Teenage Dystopian Fad

Yesterday I noticed that the CW was airing a new series titled The 100, a dystopian/post-apocalyptic science fiction story based on the novel of the same name by Kass Morgan.  I don’t get very good reception on my HD antenna, so I waited until today to watch it on Hulu. After 15 minutes in, the cringingContinue reading ““The 100”: The Death Knell of the Teenage Dystopian Fad”

In Memoriam of Harold Ramis

Yesterday I received some of the saddest news: Harold Ramis passed away. It took a while for it to sink in.  As a long time fan of his work, I came to the realization of what a huge loss this was to the world.  All over Facebook and Twitter people are posting that they willContinue reading “In Memoriam of Harold Ramis”

Hank and Walt: An Allusion to Ahab and Moby Dick

Breaking Bad has finally ended after five seasons and I for one am a little sad.  I missed watching mild mannered Walter White become the dreaded Heisenberg, essentially going from Mr. Chips to Scarface in the matter of a few years time. Read no further if you have not seen it.  Spoilers ahead. I wroteContinue reading “Hank and Walt: An Allusion to Ahab and Moby Dick”

5 Reasons Why Breaking Bad is Macbeth

Breaking Bad is now in its final death throes, and we will soon all see what happens to Walter White and the rest of his crew, not to mention his tortured family.  Most well written stories reference great literature, but Vince Gilligan has indeed made some obvious references from Shakespeare that are evident throughout theContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Breaking Bad is Macbeth”

Ender’s Game: A Long Awaited Movie

Fans of Orson Scott Card were giddy this week as the trailer for the long awaited film based on his classic novel Ender’s Game hit the internet.  Here is the trailer: In 1977 when this book released I was in 2nd grade and Star Wars had just hit theaters.  It wasn’t until Jedi was released inContinue reading “Ender’s Game: A Long Awaited Movie”

Iron Man 3: A Brief Review

This weekend I caught Iron Man 3 at the local cinema and as a comic book geek who loves good writing I will have to say that it was a fun ride while maintaining the integrity of the Iron Man mythos. Many comic book movies of the ’80’s and especially the ’90’s gave in to theContinue reading “Iron Man 3: A Brief Review”

5 X-Men Stories I Would Like To See On Film

With The Wolverine hitting theaters this summer, I thought I would delve into my X-Men comics to find a few stories that I would like to have seen realized on the silver screen.  It is somewhat known that the new film starring Hugh Jackman will chronicle the Mariko/Logan relationship, hopefully staying true to the comic.  As aContinue reading “5 X-Men Stories I Would Like To See On Film”

Superman: an Analysis

I’m sure all of my fanboy followers out there have seen the latest trailer for the soon to be released blockbuster film Man of Steel, and there have been many other television and film adaptations of this character and probably more will come, each time re-inventing the boy in blue again and again.  What I wouldContinue reading “Superman: an Analysis”

I’m Batman

I must say that this writer’s favorite superhero is indeed Batman. Why?  Well, mostly because some of the best writing in the genre has surrounded that shadowy detective, because he solves all of his problems with his incredible analytical mind, because he holds his own with the Justice League and can best all of themContinue reading “I’m Batman”

Expendables 2: A Review by a Man-Child of the ’80’s

I know that Expendables 2 received a 66% rating from critics polled on rottentomatoes.com.  Who really cares, right?  American action movies changed with the production of Batman with Michael Keaton, where all an action hero had to do was strap on a suit that gave him the appearance of muscles and of course, moviegoers wouldContinue reading “Expendables 2: A Review by a Man-Child of the ’80’s”