Kiana Davenport Threatened By Her Publisher for Self-Publishing Through Kindle

I read an article today about published author Kiana Davenport and her woes with self-publishing after breaking contract with her publisher, Penguin Books.  You may have read something about this yourself. Basically, Davenport a published and well recieved author had a collection of award winning short stories in her drawer that she asked Penguin Books toContinue reading “Kiana Davenport Threatened By Her Publisher for Self-Publishing Through Kindle”

“The Write Deal” Publishes E-Books… But With a Catch

Today e-publisher “The Write Deal” announced that it would be launching its self-publishing program entitled “Blue Leaf” later this month which is an editor selected offering of new and unpublished e-book authors. You can read about it here. I see an immediate pro and con of this new program: Pro: Authors who are selected to beContinue reading ““The Write Deal” Publishes E-Books… But With a Catch”

Why It Is More Important to Publish With Smashwords Than Ever!

I received an automated e-mail while being kidnapped by bronchitis last week that needs to be shouted about for self-publishers everywhere: Smashwords signed a lucrative and beneficial distribution contract with Baker & Taylor.  Read the full article here. Basically what this means is that: 1.  Smashwords books gain distribution to the Blio e-reading app which comesContinue reading “Why It Is More Important to Publish With Smashwords Than Ever!”

5 Reasons Why Writers Need Social Media

As a writer, I would say that social media has to be one of the greatest tools I could use to get the word out about my work.  When I published my first book, I used Facebook to announce book signings and updates about how the book was selling. That was 2009, and I’ve beenContinue reading “5 Reasons Why Writers Need Social Media”

Paying Someone to Publish Your E-Book: Pros and Cons

I’m pretty tech savvy, but this is not true of everyone.  There are a multitude of services out there that will produce an e-book for a decent price.  Be wary of some of them because they are a scam, and always get everything in writing even if it is an e-mail.  Remember: Amazon Kindle Direct willContinue reading “Paying Someone to Publish Your E-Book: Pros and Cons”

Using Kindle Singles To Boost Your Fan Base

If you are reading this and you are a novelist and you are slaving away at a novel, this post is for you.  You probably have a publisher set deadline or you have set your own if you are a self-publisher like me.  Here is something you can do on those days when you getContinue reading “Using Kindle Singles To Boost Your Fan Base”

Successful Self-Publisher Offers Good Advice

Today I read an article about Charles Orlando and how he turned down the traditional publishing houses to self-publish and had fantastic success. He published through Amazon Createspace and then spent a lot of time blogging and networking through social media, building a fan base and promoting his books through them.  He has already publishedContinue reading “Successful Self-Publisher Offers Good Advice”

Check This Article: Matthew Ingram Tells It Like It Is

Originally posted on Gigaom:
As more authors choose to do an end-run around the traditional book business by going the self-publishing route, traditional publishers are finding it harder and harder to justify their existence. While some have risen to the industry’s defence — arguing that a good publisher helps refine a book, or acts as…

5 Reasons Why the Self Publishing Industry Will Last

I read an article yesterday entitled “The Self-ePublishing Bubble” on The Guardian.  Ewan Morrison writes that according to basic economics, the ePublishing bubble is indeed a “bubble” like the housing “bubble” and the internet “bubble” and will soon burst so we can all stop being silly and realize that traditional publishing is tried and trueContinue reading “5 Reasons Why the Self Publishing Industry Will Last”

5 Things You Should Know About Graphicly: For Comic Book Self-Publishing

I have a very dear friend who is probably one of the most amazing artists I have ever known.  All he has ever been about is art, but his dream is to publish comic books of his own design.  He has some fantastic ideas, ideas that are unique and would reach a wide audience.  IfContinue reading “5 Things You Should Know About Graphicly: For Comic Book Self-Publishing”