Writing Progress: Providence

Word count so far: 14,153. When I began this series, my intention was to tell a story that was engaging and suspenseful, a story that was written in an epic space opera backdrop, but eventually lead the reader on a journey of faith.  I think I’m getting there. The first novel, The Terminarch Plot, is completelyContinue reading “Writing Progress: Providence”

Writing Progress: Reaching the End of Something

Word count so far: 12,441 Today I have reached the end of where I have written a detailed outline for the novel and am now venturing into the territory of the skeletal outline. Let me explain. I work on a novel in stages.  I first use a mapping program like Mind Node to do tonsContinue reading “Writing Progress: Reaching the End of Something”

Writing Progress: Sometimes You Have To Start Over

Current Total Word Count: 11,613. Today I wrote on a day I’m supposed to be off the project.  I didn’t write yesterday.  There were just too many things going on. Not only that, I had to completely rethink the project. I’d written about 7 chapters of novel when I realized that I didn’t like theContinue reading “Writing Progress: Sometimes You Have To Start Over”

Writing Progress: The Conundrum

Word Count of Novel: 9399 I wrote some good dialogue today.  The female lead is really annoyed at the main character right now…and will be for some time.  It’s fun making their relationship complicated.  She’s pretty mysterious, but doesn’t really need him around after all.  The scary monsters I introduced in yesterday’s session have beenContinue reading “Writing Progress: The Conundrum”

Writing Progress: Horrifying Monsters

Novel Word Count So Far: 8,707 Today was a tough day at the office but a great day for writing.  I needed a couple of days to mull over the plot in order to make the changes necessary to make it good. I’ve been building up the dangers of a certain creature I have createdContinue reading “Writing Progress: Horrifying Monsters”

Writing Progress: Female Lead Introduced

Word count of novel: 8112 Today I wrote a fun passage where my male hero, who thinks he is the last human in existence, find out that there was another human living on another planet all along. And she’s female. His reaction to her is at first fear because she is disguised to look likeContinue reading “Writing Progress: Female Lead Introduced”

Writing Progress: Even More Peril

Word Count: 7,567 Today was a good writing day indeed.  One thing that I think I’m pretty good at is putting my hero in so much peril it makes the reader sick trying to figure out how the poor guy (or gal) will get out of it. My hero was (at the start of whereContinue reading “Writing Progress: Even More Peril”

Writing Progress: A Villain Introduced

Word count: 7,006 Tonight was a fun writing session.  I finally was able to introduce one of the main villains of this sequel.  His name is Duuzra M’Hlaft and he’s a mixture of Boba Fett, a huge humanoid bat, and probably Snake Plisskin of Escape from New York. When getting ideas for characters, I often peruseContinue reading “Writing Progress: A Villain Introduced”

Writing Progress: Getting Bogged Down

Word count: 6350 Today was hard. Really hard. I fought to get the words on the page. It was a struggle much like wrestling an opponent much larger and more confident than myself. I started by writing up the bio on another hero I intended to use later, and then I erased the start ofContinue reading “Writing Progress: Getting Bogged Down”

Writing Progress: Heroic Delusions

Word count after today’s session: 6,200. Today I tried something interesting with my main character. Without spoilers, I had Guillermo experience something in the last chapter that to the reader seemed plausible. In today’s passage we find him in hospital recovering from his injuries and his doctor doesn’t believe a word he says about theContinue reading “Writing Progress: Heroic Delusions”