4 Days Until My Book is Finished…Or the World Ends

Well, I finished writing the rough draft this weekend, cranking out a record of 15,000 words in one weekend.  Crazy.  It is finally finished, though, and now I can begin the editing process over the next few days, let it see a fresh pair of eyes, and then upload it to Kindle and Nook onContinue reading “4 Days Until My Book is Finished…Or the World Ends”

The U.S. of After Chapter 6

Amy I just couldn’t sleep.  Part of it was all the drama that Clayton caused breaking in, then the duct tape and then me going all blabbity blah blah to him like some thirteen year old girl.  I even hugged him, for crying out loud.  Ugh, I felt so stupid!  Now I had some guyContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 6”