Went to Sea World and Wrote Anyway: Travelog Day 1

This week my family and I have traveled to San Antonio, Texas in order to take the kids to Sea World and then enjoy the San Antonio river walk the next day.  We are driving back Wednesday. I also have 8 chapters of the first book of This Broken Earth, due out August 1st to finishContinue reading “Went to Sea World and Wrote Anyway: Travelog Day 1”

Finding Time To Write on Vacation

The first installment of my latest novel This Broken Earth is due out on August 1st, and I am feverishly working on it, but I also have vacation plans this summer…or rather my family does, and I’m going along. I say this with tongue in cheek.  Of course I like to spend time with myContinue reading “Finding Time To Write on Vacation”

Writing the Apocalypse: Everybody Needs a Good Plague

I am currently two thirds of the way through writing book one of my latest novel, This Broken Earth: The U.S. of After.  I would say that one of the most challenging things was giving a global pandemic a realistic feel without sounding too much like Stephen King’s famous novel The Stand.  The super flu inContinue reading “Writing the Apocalypse: Everybody Needs a Good Plague”