3 Things “Die Hard” Taught Me About Writing Action Heroes

The other night I popped in my well-worn copy of the 1988 film “Die Hard” with Bruce Willis and the ever lovable villain Hans Gruber played by the late Alan Rickman.  It was a quiet night, my wife was out with the girls, my son was out with friends, and my youngest daughter was inContinue reading “3 Things “Die Hard” Taught Me About Writing Action Heroes”

Weekly Roundup: 9/27/12

Some great and informative writing/publishing posts hit the net this week.  Here are a few I thought were noteworthy for every writer/self-publisher out there. 1.  Rian Johnson – The screenwriter gives us some insight into his own writing process for writing the original screenplay for the new film Looper which stars Bruce Willis and JosephContinue reading “Weekly Roundup: 9/27/12”

Expendables 2: A Review by a Man-Child of the ’80’s

I know that Expendables 2 received a 66% rating from critics polled on rottentomatoes.com.  Who really cares, right?  American action movies changed with the production of Batman with Michael Keaton, where all an action hero had to do was strap on a suit that gave him the appearance of muscles and of course, moviegoers wouldContinue reading “Expendables 2: A Review by a Man-Child of the ’80’s”