Why My Latest Novel Really Does Predict Current Events

Everyone including myself (save the United States government) seems to think that attacking Syria is a terrible idea.  As I write this post President Obama is inching ever closer to a strike against Assad while Russia bolsters its naval forces in the region in an expectation of an attack against their ally.  Not only that,Continue reading “Why My Latest Novel Really Does Predict Current Events”

Friday Flash Fiction: The Package

Gordon never thought in his wildest nightmares that he would end up homeless.  However, as he shambled down Reno Avenue in Oklahoma City, the summer heat baking him, the thick humid air shortening his breath, he thought randomly about where this road might lead him.  He had spent the night under a bridge, his filthyContinue reading “Friday Flash Fiction: The Package”

Weekly Roundup 10/12/2012

This week’s articles are an eclectic bunch.  I have written some blog entries this week about common core strategies as well as writing rants, and during that time I managed to find a few articles about writing that might interest both teachers and writers. Here they are: 1. Math Needs a Facelift – This articleContinue reading “Weekly Roundup 10/12/2012”

The Dark Place: Writing Scary Scenes

I have sent my current WIP (Book 2: The U.S.S. Ronald Reagan) to my proof readers for their usual expertise.  I should get it back by the end of the week (at least from some of them) and I will see if this latest installment is too dark for them.  You see, the last fewContinue reading “The Dark Place: Writing Scary Scenes”

Food of China – Top 10 Favorite Dishes

As some of you may know, I spent five weeks in the lovely country of China as an English teacher helping my fellow teachers with methodology, pedagogy and lesson plans.  One of the highlights of my trip was the food.  In this A to Z post, I have decided to list my top ten favoriteContinue reading “Food of China – Top 10 Favorite Dishes”