Friday Roundup: 5 Articles About Writing/Publishing You May Have Missed

Today I thought I’d share some articles I sent to my reading list lately.  They are encouraging for writers in the most part, but two of them are very interesting for we self-publishing fanatics.  Here they are: Self Publishing Isn’t Going Away – Jeremy Greenfield over at The Journal News is reporting that self-publishing is stillContinue reading “Friday Roundup: 5 Articles About Writing/Publishing You May Have Missed”

Speed Writing: E-Publishing Demands Prolific Writers

As some of you may have heard by now, Carlos Fuentes (pictured above), Latin American literary giant, passed away yesterday of an apparent heart attack.  If there is one legacy that Fuentes leaves behind is his prolific writing career.  The man was a machine.  He would finish a novel and then start on another writingContinue reading “Speed Writing: E-Publishing Demands Prolific Writers”