3 Writing Lessons from the Ending of “The Great Gatsby”

I’m in the middle of writing my WIP due out in June, but I knew what the ending would be long before I began writing the first words of chapter one.  Any writer worth their salt should do just the same, as the ending is probably the most important component to any good novel.  F.Continue reading “3 Writing Lessons from the Ending of “The Great Gatsby””

5 Authors With Style Worth Studying

Style is defined as the characteristic manner of expression in prose or verse or how a particular writer phrases things.  If we are to become better writers, we must develop our own sense of style.  According to the Dictionary of Literary Terms & Theory, “the analysis of style involves examination of a writer’s choice of words,Continue reading “5 Authors With Style Worth Studying”

Top Ten Favorite Books for This Writer

One writer to another, if you want to be a better writer, you must read good books.  I suppose you could read only books in your genre (which is recommended) but reading good authors to see what they do with the craft is quite mind-blowing and educational and will help in the long run toContinue reading “Top Ten Favorite Books for This Writer”