How I’m Using Facebook Advertising

Well, The Terminarch Plot has been available for 6 weeks and my sales are pretty dismal.  I’m undaunted, however.  Recently I was paid for an editing job and that gave me some capital to throw at the problem. Rather than throw money around willy-nilly (which would be irresponsible) I decided to spend some time doing researchContinue reading “How I’m Using Facebook Advertising”

3 Ways to Design the Perfect Title

My current project is nearing completion (at least the rough draft is).  Throughout the project the novel has taken on several title changes, namely because the plot of the novel shifted, the thematic focus changed or what drove the protagonist phase-shifted. The novel I have written is a story set far in humanity’s future. The TerransContinue reading “3 Ways to Design the Perfect Title”

Why Is It So Difficult To Write Well?

I’m nearly halfway through the backstory material for my current WIP.  I’m writing a series of books tentatively titled The Five Rims Series and try as I might, I’m going to create a Tolkienesque place, a (most likely) vain attempt to give my setting a richness that will hopefully translate to a sweeping epic.  I’m justContinue reading “Why Is It So Difficult To Write Well?”