U.S. of After Chapter 3

Howard I waved at Gabe, but he was too busy to respond.  Of all of us, he is the most traveled. Clayton spent a few moments searching for him but I suppose he realized that this would be a terrible waste of resources.  It would.  We trudged on, realizing that the diesel truck that wentContinue reading “U.S. of After Chapter 3”

The U.S. of After Chapter 2

Clayton Not long after my grocery stop I decided that I would have to find a horse or somethin’.  Walkin’ was a real chore.  I had some pretty good shoes I found in an overturned truck, some Academy Sports and Outdoors specials, but I just got tired of walkin’ all the time.  I had eatenContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 2”

The U.S. of After Chapter 1

Since the first installment of my new novel This Broken Earth: The U.S. of After was intended to be free to the public anyway, I have decided to post one chapter a day so that those of you who have not downloaded it yet can get a taste or possibly read one chapter a day ifContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 1”

My New e-Short Story is Up

A short story I submitted to Kindle Singles is now up.  It is available on Amazon Kindle and on the Nook.  I formatted the book for Kindle and for Nook using Scrivener. …and hey, it’s only .99 cents! The Kindle version is found here. The Nook version is found here. If you buy a copy,Continue reading “My New e-Short Story is Up”

Weekly Tales: The Fish in the Bucket

I sat at a round table, a lovely white silken tablecloth draped over it, and on top of that, centered perfectly a glass lazy susan with a myriad of colorful dishes ranging from some strange purple yam to chicken feet to soft green plants that tasted strangely like licorice.  We had ordered some time ago,Continue reading “Weekly Tales: The Fish in the Bucket”

Weekly Tales: 11 Year Olds Have Literal Minds

We walked across the graveled parking lot toward the car after a long benefit dinner for troop 214, my son Conner tagging along behind, his brown shirt untucked and hanging down all disheveled.  “Dad,” he said, his wheezy athsmatic voice like soft music.  “Do you think I could camp out in the woods by ourContinue reading “Weekly Tales: 11 Year Olds Have Literal Minds”

Weekly Tales: The Terra Cotta Warrior

I stood inside of a massive structure the size of four football fields laying side by side in a quad.  Crowds of Chinese people meandered about speaking Mandarin, and I leaned against the cool metal railing and looked down on a sea of terra cotta men. My eyes stared a line to the gaze ofContinue reading “Weekly Tales: The Terra Cotta Warrior”

Weekly Tales: The Grey Grocer (Part 3)

And now, the third and final installment of “The Grey Grocer”.  Hang on to your hat.   Mr. Greg’s eyes rolled around in their wet sockets and eventually locked in on Phil.  Phil sucked in a deep breath and managed to stand up just as Mr. Greg’s mouth formed the word “Dogs!” “Dogs in theContinue reading “Weekly Tales: The Grey Grocer (Part 3)”

Weekly Tales: The Grey Grocer (Part 2)

As promised, here is part 2 of “The Gray Grocer”.  You may find part one here.  Tune in next week for the conclusion of this story. Phil stood still for just a moment, thinking about the person that leg and boot might belong to.  He shrugged, his mind whirling, and turned to go get theContinue reading “Weekly Tales: The Grey Grocer (Part 2)”

Weekly Tales: The Grey Grocer (Part 1)

Every Thursday I have decided to get the writing juices flowing by writing an installment of a serialized story. It is kind of like flash fiction, but I do not know how long the story will be or how many installments I will write.  I will generally write installments until the story reaches a pointContinue reading “Weekly Tales: The Grey Grocer (Part 1)”