Writing With Irony

Today I taught a lesson in my Advanced Placement class about using irony in writing, and so I thought I would “teach” it on the blog today. There are, as most people understand, three types of irony: Dramatic – A type of irony where the audience or reader knows something about the characters that theContinue reading “Writing With Irony”

The Art of Meiosis

  Let me preface this post with the statement that the type of meiosis discussed here is not cell division.  Meiosis is is a euphemistic figure of speech that intentionally understates something or implies that it is lesser in significance or size than it really is.  One of the best examples of this is used in an episode of The Flight ofContinue reading “The Art of Meiosis”

Men In Black 3: A Nice Capstone to the Trilogy

Every trilogy must have a capstone film.  Return of the Jedi is the capstone for the Star Wars saga because it ties all the loose ends together and gives us more connections between characters that we did not realize or that were not revealed in the first two films.  The Last Crusade was a capstoneContinue reading “Men In Black 3: A Nice Capstone to the Trilogy”