New Podcast Up: Food and the Ender

In this latest podcast, Ryan and I discuss the importance of a good diet for the increase of creativity.  I’m an advocate of good food (healthy food) for the production of great creative spark.  We discuss the myth of coffee, a little bit about where we go to write and how these places can takeContinue reading “New Podcast Up: Food and the Ender”

NaNoWriMo Time Management Tip #4: Brain Food

One of the most important things the brain needs for active creativity is food that promotes that function.  There are basically three types of foods that the writer should be eating in order to boost creativity. 1.  Carbs – This is the fuel that powers the brain.  Eat plenty of whole grain foods which breakContinue reading “NaNoWriMo Time Management Tip #4: Brain Food”

Went to Sea World and Wrote Anyway: Travelog Day 3

Today we arrived at the San Antonio river walk and spent the better part of a day exploring it.  We traveled to the Alamo, where I explained to my children about the sacrifices made by the brave people who occupied that famous fort so many years ago.  We looked at the chips in the stoneContinue reading “Went to Sea World and Wrote Anyway: Travelog Day 3”