A Sentence Diagramming Lesson Your Students Will Love

One skill lost on many modern students is the ability to break down sentences. Of course, diagramming sentences the old-fashioned way is frowned upon as “outmoded” or “blasé”. Nothing could be further from the truth especially when teaching students with limited sentence construction skills. I developed an idea one day about an activity which requiresContinue reading “A Sentence Diagramming Lesson Your Students Will Love”

5 Ways to Force Yourself to Edit Your Novel

So you’ve written that rough draft.   Now what?   For one thing, it’s probably chock full of errors, plot holes, character inconsistencies and plenty of other grammatical problems.  I’m sure if you begin to read through it you will see them, glaring out from the page like the misshapen and malformed creatures from aContinue reading “5 Ways to Force Yourself to Edit Your Novel”

The Day Job

School has been in session for a week and a half now and I must admit I am somewhat overwhelmed at times.  I have decided to start out the year teaching 11th graders a hard and fast course in grammar. The first week was nearly a wash in that we had two days of orientation,Continue reading “The Day Job”