New Podcast Up: Our 50th Episode!

On our fiftieth podcast (and we can’t believe we have made it this far) we talk about fan fiction. What are the legalities of writing stories about our favorite pop culture heroes? Can you really get in trouble for it? We also discuss the upcoming series finales and series that we can’t wait to seeContinue reading “New Podcast Up: Our 50th Episode!”

New Podcast Up: Character Development and Reboots

In this episode, Ryan and I discuss some listener mail from Dan who asks “How do you develop characters so that they are realistic and have depth?”  This is a difficult question in that there are several practical things a writer can do to give characters that extra sense of realism.  Readers need to buy inContinue reading “New Podcast Up: Character Development and Reboots”

New Podcast Up: Television Writing & Sci-Fi Awards

In this episode, Ryan and I discuss the current writing on television and how it is a reflection of competition with writing in cinema, and is much better in many ways. What makes television writing so much better lately and how can the indie writer bank on that wave of good work? We also lament theContinue reading “New Podcast Up: Television Writing & Sci-Fi Awards”