Hank and Walt: An Allusion to Ahab and Moby Dick

Breaking Bad has finally ended after five seasons and I for one am a little sad.  I missed watching mild mannered Walter White become the dreaded Heisenberg, essentially going from Mr. Chips to Scarface in the matter of a few years time. Read no further if you have not seen it.  Spoilers ahead. I wroteContinue reading “Hank and Walt: An Allusion to Ahab and Moby Dick”

Washington Irving On Writing

This week my students are reading “The Devil and Tom Walker” by Washington Irving, a hilariously satirical story about a Scrooge of a man who becomes a loan shark for the Devil only to lose his soul in the process.  In preparation for our study of Irving, I noted some quotes by the author thatContinue reading “Washington Irving On Writing”