New Podcast Up: Television Writing & Sci-Fi Awards

In this episode, Ryan and I discuss the current writing on television and how it is a reflection of competition with writing in cinema, and is much better in many ways. What makes television writing so much better lately and how can the indie writer bank on that wave of good work? We also lament theContinue reading “New Podcast Up: Television Writing & Sci-Fi Awards”

Because You Are a Writer…

…you corner total strangers in elevators and share with them the sordid details of your latest villain’s origin story. …you get up early and stay up late. …you cause your cousin to never speak to you again one Thanksgiving because you are so “opinionated”. …you see your spouse give you that look that says “Ok,Continue reading “Because You Are a Writer…”

Youthful Dreams: A Writer’s Journey Over 25 Years

I started writing short stories and poetry in 10th grade.  The reason, in the beginning, was simple: wooing women.  Of course, none of the poems I wrote ever ended up in the hands of any girls, but I soldiered on, and my sophomore year began with a creative writing class where we were not reallyContinue reading “Youthful Dreams: A Writer’s Journey Over 25 Years”