10 Open Ended Questions to Break Writer’s Block

How many times have you sat in front of the computer screen and wondered: What on earth am I going to write now?  So much has been written in the history of mankind that often we think: What can I possibly contribute to the world that would be uniquely me yet not a carbon copyContinue reading “10 Open Ended Questions to Break Writer’s Block”

Tolkien’s Advice About Relationships: Writing Real Romance

J.R.R. Tolkien had three sons and one daughter, and in a letter to his son Michael he discusses his views on women’s issues, marriage and the truth about men in relationships.  In this letter written in March 1941, Tolkien is very explicit, and very wise on the subject. As a writer, we can glean fromContinue reading “Tolkien’s Advice About Relationships: Writing Real Romance”

Samantha Shannon: The Next J.K. Rowling?

I read an article today about Samantha Shannon who will release a novel entitled The Bone Season this year.  She is a literature student at Oxford University and many people say she could be the next billion dollar author, as her book will be one of seven books in a series. She has everything going forContinue reading “Samantha Shannon: The Next J.K. Rowling?”

5 Ways to Cultivate a Good Writing Environment

I popped into Hastings Entertainment the other day and noticed a young man near the coffee kiosk.  He was sitting at a table, laptop in front of him, his big styrofoam cup of joe steaming, his fingers not on the keyboard, staring at a blank screen.  Five steps away from him a little boy wasContinue reading “5 Ways to Cultivate a Good Writing Environment”