Book Release Party: The Lost Crew

As a writer, it is always important to surround yourself with other writers.  However, my good friend Ryan McKinley wasn’t writing much at all when I met him almost 10 years ago, but that has changed dramatically since 2007. My other good friend Jerry Bennett wasn’t a full time artist when I met him almostContinue reading “Book Release Party: The Lost Crew”

Sneak Peek: Cover Image for My New Novel

I have been working very diligently to get the first installment of This Broken Earth out to the public on Wednesday FOR FREE.  Part of this is a good cover image.  I have taken lessons from the best of you who blog about cover images.  I feel that this one is the best of the onesContinue reading “Sneak Peek: Cover Image for My New Novel”

I Am Interviewed by Collective Compositions

I was blessed to be interviewed for a second time by another blog.  This time I was interviewed by Collective Compositions, a blog about writing, art and culture.  Her questions were very thought provoking and I hope my answers were of the same caliber.