Why I Quit the Indiegogo Campaign

So you may have noticed that I cancelled the Indiegogo campaign.  It was an experiment anyway, and since I hadn’t heard a peep from anyone wanting to fund the print edition of my book I decided to not be embarrassed at the end of the 45 day run to find that no one had fundedContinue reading “Why I Quit the Indiegogo Campaign”

“This Broken Earth” – 1 Year Anniversary

One year ago today I released the first part of my post-apocalyptic novel about faith, This Broken Earth on several digital outlets. All three books as one compendium is available for .99 cents on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks. It has been a year of experiments, small successes, and hard lessons learned. When I originally releasedContinue reading ““This Broken Earth” – 1 Year Anniversary”

Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE! – Help Me Fund the Print Edition

I have just set up an indiegogo campaign to get started raising money to fund the print edition of This Broken Earth.  If you donate $10, I will record your name as a contributor (and any of your novels you want advertised, i.e. “writer of …”) in the front of the book.  For a $25 donation,Continue reading “Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE! – Help Me Fund the Print Edition”