Works That Inspire Writing Day 1: Hulu’s “Devs”

I decided to write a 30 day blog challenge in which I write about works that inspire me as a writer. I wanted to showcase these things mainly because I needed something to write about that would kick-start my writing day and because I just wanted to share work, hard work, that exemplifies what IContinue reading “Works That Inspire Writing Day 1: Hulu’s “Devs””

What Novels Inspire Your Writing?

As stated many times on this blog, good writers must in turn be good readers.  I don’t mean you can read lots of words or big words (sorry Trump) but I simply mean that good writers seek out good writing to emulate when working toward that new idea for a fiction piece. Lately I’ve readContinue reading “What Novels Inspire Your Writing?”

An Inspirational Note from the National Anthem

By now, many of you have heard of G. Star Swain.  In case you are the few who haven’t, take a look at this video shot from the Lincoln Memorial when she took a trip there with friends and family from her church as a tourist. G. Star Swain is a vice principal at aContinue reading “An Inspirational Note from the National Anthem”

Paul Smith, Typewriter Artist – A Moving Inspiration to Create

Once in a while I pass by a bit of inspiration that moves me to tears.  Paul Smith, his body impaired by Cerebral Palsy, uses a typewriter to create beautiful art with incredible determination.  If you sit in your writing chair and have writer’s block, remember Paul Smith and get busy writing.

New Podcast Up: There And Back Again Once More

In the first podcast of 2015, we discuss a little bit of literary failure before launching into why we continue writing even in the face of adversity. What keeps you going? We also discuss the final Hobbit film and how it holds up to the text of Tolkien’s work. Finally, we answer some listener mailContinue reading “New Podcast Up: There And Back Again Once More”

5 Ways to Stay a Writer

This quote by one of my favorite writers (Harlan Ellison) is irrevocably true.  How many students have I taught to write over the years who most likely do not use that skill now that they are adults?  I’m sure the number is more than I’m willing to admit. I consider myself a pretty prolific writer.  I’veContinue reading “5 Ways to Stay a Writer”

Guest Post: “Cycling Grandma” Nothing Like a Bunch of Kids to Teach You Some Stuff

Thanks goes to Lisa over at Cycling Grandmafor this post:My sister Madeline teaches at a small elementary school in Silver Spring, Maryland. I had gone to watch her third graders perform a play. An ESOL teacher, she had adapted Sam Swope’s The Araboolies of Liberty Street  into a musical, retelling the story using well known melodies. BeforeContinue reading “Guest Post: “Cycling Grandma” Nothing Like a Bunch of Kids to Teach You Some Stuff”