Oklahoma State Superintendant Race: Actual Public School Experience

Experience is something highly prized in the realm of employment, at least in the real world of employment.  It seems that, at least in the state of Oklahoma, people don’t care all that much about electing completely inexperienced people to public office. If I develop brain cancer, I would most likely want to seek out theContinue reading “Oklahoma State Superintendant Race: Actual Public School Experience”

Short Film Illustrates Oklahoma Educator’s Plight

A friend of mine brought the following short film to my attention.  It is called “The Expert”, and is representative of what teachers in the state of Oklahoma are faced with each day.  If one sees the two women in the film as our legislature, the man at the head of the table as ourContinue reading “Short Film Illustrates Oklahoma Educator’s Plight”

Oklahoma State Educators Rally at the Capital

Today was historic, at least I hope it was.  If it was not, then next time we will get 50,000 educators, parents and administrators to rally at the capital.  Let’s hope they listened to us. As I write this, Oklahoma is 48th in the nation in average pupil funding, 49th in teacher pay.  We areContinue reading “Oklahoma State Educators Rally at the Capital”