The U.S. of After Chapter 23-24

Ralph His-a-kit-a-mi-si caught the bullets while the old man smiled his smile of peace. Ethan We all rode the horses without talking for some time.  I don’t know when someone started speaking, but it must have been after traveling for nearly a day.  We all rode in a line, me first, then old man Jacob,Continue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 23-24”

The U.S. of After Chapter 2

Clayton Not long after my grocery stop I decided that I would have to find a horse or somethin’.  Walkin’ was a real chore.  I had some pretty good shoes I found in an overturned truck, some Academy Sports and Outdoors specials, but I just got tired of walkin’ all the time.  I had eatenContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 2”

Writing Exercise: Describing With Color

Writing exercises are essential for a writer.  It’s like getting up in the morning and doing pushups for your brain.  Today’s writing exercise is very simple, but will help the writer to learn that colors are used by our culture to describe all manner of details in a text. Step 1: On a piece ofContinue reading “Writing Exercise: Describing With Color”

Inspiration Comes from Everywhere

As you all know, I just finished the rough draft of This Broken Earth: Book 1, The U.S. of After and after revising a few times sent it off to my readers for review.  This does not mean I stop working.  I am simply in a holding pattern while I work up the nerve to startContinue reading “Inspiration Comes from Everywhere”

An Independence Day Observation

Yes, I plan on writing today.  I wrote 2500 words yesterday (or rather last night in the wee hours of the morning).  I sat outside yesterday and watched my son and my middle daughter light water dynamite one after another, exploding ant hills and various other insect hovels… …but I must make one observation aboutContinue reading “An Independence Day Observation”