Fan Theory: The Cloverfield Connection

If you have not seen the J.J. Abrams films Super 8, Cloverfield, or 10 Cloverfield Lane, please stop reading this now.  I am about to connect the three films together in a way that you may not have considered. That being said… I love J.J. Abrams films. Abrams creates films that interest me, but even though he hasContinue reading “Fan Theory: The Cloverfield Connection”

New Podcast Up: Hard Science and Tough Trek Talk

In this special episode our special guest is scientist Michael Dean who has been a consultant for many of my novels. The topic of this podcast is the lack of science fact in fiction and how writers sometimes fudge the science in their novels to tell a story. This is, however, sometimes necessary.  We discussContinue reading “New Podcast Up: Hard Science and Tough Trek Talk”