New Podcast Up: SoonerCon 24 Podcast Panel!

This is a very special podcast episode.  Ryan and I were invited to be panelists this year at Oklahoma’s premiere local science-fiction/fantasy convention, SoonerCon 24.  We were also asked to be on a panel (among other panels) discussing podcasting and how one can get involved in the podcast medium. We had a great time discussingContinue reading “New Podcast Up: SoonerCon 24 Podcast Panel!”

New Podcast Up: Word Counts and Trailer Spoilers

On this episode we discuss word counts versus daily writing goals and how we meet personal goals of finishing our writing projects. We share several methods that help us reach our goals as writers and hopefully these will be some good ideas for you to use as well. We then talk about the recent trendContinue reading “New Podcast Up: Word Counts and Trailer Spoilers”