Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE! – Help Me Fund the Print Edition

I have just set up an indiegogo campaign to get started raising money to fund the print edition of This Broken Earth.  If you donate $10, I will record your name as a contributor (and any of your novels you want advertised, i.e. “writer of …”) in the front of the book.  For a $25 donation,Continue reading “Indiegogo Campaign is LIVE! – Help Me Fund the Print Edition”

Crowd Funding Your Novel: Pros and Cons

  Let’s face it.  Funding your own novel is an expensive process.  Even if you are a self-starter like myself who would just as well publish a print copy and e-copies of my book through Amazon Createspace, it still takes gold to get the publicity and advertising you need, not to mention the dough forContinue reading “Crowd Funding Your Novel: Pros and Cons”