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For a limited time (about four more days) you can get your Kindle copy of “The Terminarch War” for the unreasonably low price of .99 cents! Get yours today before the price goes up to a paltry $2.99. That is all. No.  Really.  Go buy it.  Right here.

Book Launch: The Terminarch War

The second book in the “Five Rims Series” is finally out.  I wanted to make sure it was perfect before releasing it.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy the further adventures of Guillermo March as he navigates the Five Rims in search of his purpose now that he is the last human in existence. It already hasContinue reading “Book Launch: The Terminarch War”

Get “The Terminarch Plot” FREE from 3/9-3/13!

I’m doing a free promotion of my latest novel, the first in the “Five Rims” series from March 9th through March 13th.  The second book in the series “The Terminarch War” will debut in June, so this will be a great opportunity to check out this space opera about the last human in existence beforeContinue reading “Get “The Terminarch Plot” FREE from 3/9-3/13!”