How to Write Descriptively With Metaphors

Metaphors are one of the most used literary devices in the English language second only to similes. The problem with using similes is that they often cause your writing to become a mine field of quantifiers. (i.e. His breath was like the foul smell of a garbage heap and his face was like a pockContinue reading “How to Write Descriptively With Metaphors”

A to Z Challenge: Bibliomancy is a Miraculous Thing

As a novelist, I rely on literary devices to take my writing to the next level.  A writer who can consciously use literary devices in their writing without making them that obvious to the reader is a writer who is truly working their brain muscle.  Some literary devices are easier to use than others.  BibliomancyContinue reading “A to Z Challenge: Bibliomancy is a Miraculous Thing”