Finishing a Rough Draft: a Retrospective

Yesterday at 3:17pm I finished the rough draft of Book I: The U.S. of After, the first installment of a larger novel This Broken Earth.  The novel is about the lives of several individuals on a trek to find their way to New Orleans from Norman, Oklahoma after the events of World War 3 and a vicious pandemicContinue reading “Finishing a Rough Draft: a Retrospective”

“Tolkien’s 10 Tips” Article Featured On Jonathan Gunson’s Site

I feel giddy.  Jonathan Gunson, best selling author, e-mailed me a few days ago and asked if I would like to let him publish my article Tolkien’s 10 Tips for Writers on his website.  Follow this link to check it out!

E-Book Sharing Sites and the Self-Published Author

I’m sure that many of you are guilty of visiting sites like 4Share and Scribd to find that book you really want to read.  Some thrifty pirate out there has taken the file that was once a .mobi file for Kindle or an Epub and cracked the DRM and then posted it for free onContinue reading “E-Book Sharing Sites and the Self-Published Author”

5 Editing Strategies for the Self-Published Novelist

We self-published authors don’t have the luxury of a team of editors, a crack commando unit of wordsmiths that go through our rough drafts and snipe away at the roguish bad writing, errors, type-os, and other problems that will drag down our work and make it look less than professional. I have taught writing forContinue reading “5 Editing Strategies for the Self-Published Novelist”

5 Ways to Meet a Deadline

As an independent author, I set my own deadlines for rough drafts and the final draft publishing date.  However, just because I do this myself doesn’t mean I don’t hold myself to the standard of finishing on time.  You might say: “You’re not like a real novelist who has a deadline from a publisher set inContinue reading “5 Ways to Meet a Deadline”

5 Ways to Work With Stubborn Writing

I spent last week with my son at camp and then visiting my uncle, and today it’s back to the laptop to start working on the novel again.  My only problem is that this scene I am about to write just doesn’t flow out of my head and through my keyboard like I’d prefer.  ItContinue reading “5 Ways to Work With Stubborn Writing”

Guest Post: A Series of Potentially Dangerous Experiments by Amy Paulussen

The television season finales were a month ago, and for a month now nothing new has aired.  We have two (or three) more months until new content is added.   What will I do with myself? I recently moved to the Northern Hemisphere, where this tragedy occurs at the beginning of summer, not winter. InsteadContinue reading “Guest Post: A Series of Potentially Dangerous Experiments by Amy Paulussen”

The Late Great Ray Bradbury

I never thought I would see a world without Ray Bradbury. This week marks the end of an era.  When I heard the news of Bradbury’s passing yesterday I saw the shadow falling past me, like a great eagle falling from the heavens.  Ray Bradbury was more than just a science fiction writer (he wouldContinue reading “The Late Great Ray Bradbury”

5 Questions Every Novelist Should Answer

Writing consumes me.  It consumes most of my time when I’m not playing with my kids, helping my wife out with all the chores necessary to run a household and working full time.  As a teacher, summers are great.  I get to spend more time writing, working on the novel, and generally futzing about withContinue reading “5 Questions Every Novelist Should Answer”

How a Book is Born: A Humorous Yet Truthful Look at Publishing

Yesterday I brought up the point that it is strange how James Patterson completes the herculean task of churning out 12 best sellers in a year.  Today I found an info graphic by Mariah Bear that is a humorous satire of what it takes to get published these days, but it is also laden withContinue reading “How a Book is Born: A Humorous Yet Truthful Look at Publishing”