E-Publishing Predictions for 2013

Today I received an e-mail update from Mark Coker because I am a Smashwords member (that is, I have published to Smashwords and they see fit to send updates my way about their company).  Mark Coker, president of Smashwords.com, which is a wonderful vehicle for self publishers to publish their work for free in every formatContinue reading “E-Publishing Predictions for 2013”

This Week’s Round Up: Information and Inspiration

This week we have some very good information about self-publishing and two stories that are posted here simply for inspirational reasons.  We all need that.  I love these inspirational stories.  Sometimes it’s the only thing I need to get back on the horse and dig the spurs in. 1.  Alan Finder over at the NewContinue reading “This Week’s Round Up: Information and Inspiration”

Friday Roundup: Self-Publishing Stories You May Have Missed

This week we have some very interesting articles.  What I notice each week when surfing the internet for news is that the self-publishing industry boom is not going away but is growing.  The proof is in the news. 1.  FastPencil is merging with Barnes and Noble– Finally somebody gets it.  One of the biggest problemsContinue reading “Friday Roundup: Self-Publishing Stories You May Have Missed”