New Podcast Up: Drive the Batmobile to Mars

On this episode we wrap up our discussion about “The Martian” since both of us had a chance to catch the film. We discuss the differences between the film and the book from a writer’s perspective without spoiling any of it for you…and that was pretty hard to do, mind you. I push the conversationContinue reading “New Podcast Up: Drive the Batmobile to Mars”

New Podcast Up: We Go To Mars!

In this podcast first, we attempt to record the podcast from two different locations. I don’t know. We think it may be a success. You be the judge. Anyway, on this podcast we discuss Weir’s best selling book “The Martian” and what we thought made it a great novel. We also discuss Gotham, The BlackContinue reading “New Podcast Up: We Go To Mars!”

What Andy Weir (Author of “The Martian”) Can Teach Us About Writing

This summer I burned through several books in the down time between publishing The Terminarch Plot all the other things I had to do around the house.  One of the best books I read this summer, soon to be a major motion picture starring Matt Damon, was The Martian by Andy Weir. The book is amazing, a veryContinue reading “What Andy Weir (Author of “The Martian”) Can Teach Us About Writing”