5 Things To Do With High School Students After the English EOI Test

It’s the end of the school year.  We have about two weeks left.  The students have finished end of instruction testing, and are beginning to act like squirrels with A.D.H.D.  School days are filled with activities like the seniors versus faculty basketball game, awards assemblies, choir trips, field trips and other things that take studentsContinue reading “5 Things To Do With High School Students After the English EOI Test”

Teacher Pay Raises: Breaking the Stigma

I have been teaching English in a public high school for 13 years.  We stopped getting our step raise as of 5 years ago and my wife and our four children have been living off of that salary, watching the cost of living go up by the day in this country.  I read a storyContinue reading “Teacher Pay Raises: Breaking the Stigma”

Common Core Standards: Requiring Students to Think

  As an English teacher in Oklahoma, I have been under the failed No Child Left Behind rules for some time now.  Recently, NCLB was “forgiven” for my state by the president.  I guess this means that we are not to be held accountable by the federal government if a student is truly “left behind.” Continue reading “Common Core Standards: Requiring Students to Think”