Tired Metaphors: A Cry for Originality

George Orwell, on the heels of publishing Animal Farm and various autobiographical essays, published “Politics and the English Language“.  The essay is still being used in writing courses everywhere as a loud voice railing against predictable and unimaginative writing. In the essay, Orwell makes several remarks of note but his thesis is clear: “Now it isContinue reading “Tired Metaphors: A Cry for Originality”

Originality vs Execution: Which Is More Important?

Recently there was a lawsuit filed by Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne against Sam Smith and his producers for the song “Stay With Me”.  They claimed that if sped up, the song sounds exactly like their 80’s hit “Won’t Back Down”.  The video below illustrates this very well: I have mentioned before on this blogContinue reading “Originality vs Execution: Which Is More Important?”