Literary Agents Are Like Anglers

I like to think of literary agents as if they are anglers with a very good fishing rod, with the best bait in the world, but in the end they are still only anglers.  As a child of the country I know very well what angling or fishing is all about.  Angling is about ten percentContinue reading “Literary Agents Are Like Anglers”

A Day at the Pumpkin Patch With My Boo

I have four children, and my youngest is Meagan, a little bundle of fire we call “Boo”.  The reason for this is because she was a surprise baby and the name just stuck.  I love her very much, and I draw much inspiration from her personality which is spunky, brimming with a weird sense ofContinue reading “A Day at the Pumpkin Patch With My Boo”

The U.S. of After Chapter 33

Ethan My leg hurt so bad. I didn’t really see that kid at all but then he was on top of me.  I just wanted to get out of there as quick as I could before I ended up on the menu.  I was done with the soldier boy routine, but now I was tiedContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 33”

What Boy Scouts Inadvertently Taught Me About Being a Dad

I returned early from the Boy Scout campout at Slippery Falls Ranch in Tishomingo, and I’ll have to say that my son and I were disappointed in the experience (at least the part involving Boy Scouts).  For example, in order for a scout to carry a pocket knife around, he has to endure a 3Continue reading “What Boy Scouts Inadvertently Taught Me About Being a Dad”

10 Cheap Yet Fun Summer Activities for Kids

Summer is here, and if you are like me, the money isn’t there for trips to the zoo, water parks or amusement parks.  What to do?  Kids need stimulation, and will get bored very quickly sitting around playing video games and watching television.  These two activities are the biggest time wasters and usually do notContinue reading “10 Cheap Yet Fun Summer Activities for Kids”