My Visit To the Temple of the Oblong Ball

Last week I went on a field trip with my middle daughter to the Temple of the Oblong Ball, what its worshippers affectionately call “Owen Field”.  Upon mention of its name, worshippers often place their hand on their hearts and cast their eyes downward in reverence.  Sometimes they will utter the holy battle cry “Boomer”Continue reading “My Visit To the Temple of the Oblong Ball”

Man’s Day Out: The OU Red Vs. White Game

Today my son, my father in law and brother in law all piled into the car and drove to nearby Norman, Oklahoma to attend the annual Spring Red vs. White Game at the University of Oklahoma.  It is a traditional scrimmage that they play for the fans.  It was indeed time for the men toContinue reading “Man’s Day Out: The OU Red Vs. White Game”