Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction: Embellishing Headlines for Plotlines

I am currently in the middle of writing the first installment of a science-fiction series I have called “The Five Rims”, the first book in the installment titled “The Last Terran”. The first book is a mystery novel at its core, set in a far-flung future universe where humans are not the saviors but theContinue reading “Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction: Embellishing Headlines for Plotlines”

7 Things Every Fictional Character Needs

I’m currently crafting some character biographies for a new series I’m writing and thought I would share a few things about how I go about creating characters.  I’ve gleaned this from several sources, from my days in college writing classes and from just figuring things out over time. I use this format to write characterContinue reading “7 Things Every Fictional Character Needs”