Book 2 of My Post Apocalyptic Trilogy Drops Tomorrow!

It is ready to go live. I’m just waiting on Kindle and Nook to send the all important email so that my new book can be announced. I always get the first day jitters when a new book releases. This current trilogy seems to be doing pretty well at the outset. Book 1 was downloadedContinue reading “Book 2 of My Post Apocalyptic Trilogy Drops Tomorrow!”

6 Resources for Post-Apocalyptic Novelists

I am currently writing a post-apocalyptic novel This Broken Earth.  When creating a post-apocalyptic world, a writer needs to base the environment on events that could possibly happen in our near future.  Readers need to see the post-apocalyptic world writers show them and nod their head in agreement, not scratch their head wondering how the writer’sContinue reading “6 Resources for Post-Apocalyptic Novelists”