Reader Mail: A Reader With Great Questions

Like many blogs I have a contact page where people can e-mail questions or simply hit me up for editing services.  I love doing editing work because it keeps me sharp, but once in a while someone will send an e-mail that makes me think.   Today’s e-mail comes from Merle Temple, a novelist whoContinue reading “Reader Mail: A Reader With Great Questions”

Vanity vs. Self-Publishing: Is There a Difference?

There is definitely a stigma about using a “vanity press” or a publishing house that charges big bucks (usually) to publish a book that an author has written.  For years, a “vanity press” has been seen by industry leaders as a press that will publish anyone at all who has enough money, particularly people whoContinue reading “Vanity vs. Self-Publishing: Is There a Difference?”

Espresso Book Machine: Print On Demand in the Brick and Mortar Book Store

I don’t know how many of you know about this wonderful yet pricy device made by Xerox, but check the video below: You can find a pdf brochure here. Amazing, huh?  It has a hefty price tag, though.  $150,000 as a base price, but college libraries like The University of Michigan have been able to getContinue reading “Espresso Book Machine: Print On Demand in the Brick and Mortar Book Store”