Works That Inspire Writing Day 2: Fahrenheit 451

Of all of Ray Bradbury’s novels this one has to be my favorite. It is his most critically acclaimed novel and his most controversial. I honestly think that many of the ideas expressed in the novel are timeless and nothing could be further from the truth in our current political climate in the United States.Continue reading “Works That Inspire Writing Day 2: Fahrenheit 451”

The Late Great Ray Bradbury

I never thought I would see a world without Ray Bradbury. This week marks the end of an era.  When I heard the news of Bradbury’s passing yesterday I saw the shadow falling past me, like a great eagle falling from the heavens.  Ray Bradbury was more than just a science fiction writer (he wouldContinue reading “The Late Great Ray Bradbury”

10 Science Fiction Novels Every Writer Should Read

My writer’s heart beats to the drum of a hyperdrive engine.  I absolutely love science fiction.  I have been heavily influenced by the great science fiction novelists whose worlds I have traveled while lying on the couch, riding on a bus or sitting in the back of the family car on vacation road trips. GreatContinue reading “10 Science Fiction Novels Every Writer Should Read”