Oklahoma Removes Ten Commandments Because Government Broke Most Of Them

Last week the granite edifice upon which the biblical ten commandments had been etched was removed from the front lawn of the capital building by order of the Oklahoma Supreme Court.  Sure, the news services have told all of us the reason (i.e. separation of church and state), yet the real reason is pretty plain. TheContinue reading “Oklahoma Removes Ten Commandments Because Government Broke Most Of Them”

Experts Say Oklahomans Will Vote Republican By Default

Today is the Republican and Democratic primary across Oklahoma, but experts think Oklahomans will vote straight party Republican by default in November.  Researchers and political scientists at the University of Phoenix have come to the conclusion that Oklahoma should probably have a machine at polling stations that simply votes straight party Republican when each citizenContinue reading “Experts Say Oklahomans Will Vote Republican By Default”

My Visit To the Temple of the Oblong Ball

Last week I went on a field trip with my middle daughter to the Temple of the Oblong Ball, what its worshippers affectionately call “Owen Field”.  Upon mention of its name, worshippers often place their hand on their hearts and cast their eyes downward in reverence.  Sometimes they will utter the holy battle cry “Boomer”Continue reading “My Visit To the Temple of the Oblong Ball”

Being Xenophanes: How to Write Satire

Today a former student of mine wandered into my room with paper in hand ready for me to churn out writing tips.  This student will graduate in a few weeks, and he has been assigned to write a satirical piece of his choosing about a social issue.  Like Xenophanes of the 6th century who traveledContinue reading “Being Xenophanes: How to Write Satire”