Work In Progress: Need Some Critique

I’m a few chapters in to my science fiction novella tentatively titled The Painful Best and I thought I would post the first chapter just to get some reaction from my readers.  What I mainly want to know is: (1) Does it grab your attention and (2) Does it leave you wanting to read more?  Any otherContinue reading “Work In Progress: Need Some Critique”

New Podcast Is Up

Episode 5 – The Terror of the Blank Page The new podcast is up for your listening enjoyment.  In this episode, Roger expands on his post about “The Terror of the Blank Page”, discussing some practical things writers can do to maximize their time in front of the computer screen.  Also, we discuss some ofContinue reading “New Podcast Is Up”

Writing a Novel: A Retrospective

This Broken Earth  is finished, as far as the series versions.  I will go back these next few weeks to fine tune and tweak the entire thing so that I might produce them as one volume.  These will include a print edition through CreateSpace, and a Kindle, Nook and iTunes version as well.  After spendingContinue reading “Writing a Novel: A Retrospective”

6 Days Until My Novel is Finished…Or the World Ends

Today I put on the finishing touches.  It’s been a rough road this month as I said goodbye to all of these quirky, interesting characters, many of whom I have come to love…even the villains…especially the villains.  Wish me luck as I finalize everything for the Friday release on the 21st…unless the world ends andContinue reading “6 Days Until My Novel is Finished…Or the World Ends”

Book Review: Pines by Blake Crouch

As a writer, I read a great number of books in all genres.  However, science fiction is near and dear to my nerdy little heart.  I don’t just love any type of science fiction, but love the type that not only has sound science but also a message that comments on humanity. This is whyContinue reading “Book Review: Pines by Blake Crouch”

The U.S. of After Chapter 7

Howard I could see it before they did. I had climbed up on the roof to enjoy the beautiful stars and found myself staring off into the night sky wondering when this current bad patch of human history would get better.  I had experienced several bad patches in recent history, but that was nothing newContinue reading “The U.S. of After Chapter 7”

Serializing My Novel: The Monster Is Too Big to Tame

I have had the release date for my next novel posted in the right hand column of this blog now for several months, but something happened to me yesterday that may push the thing back even further. More story popped into my head. After wincing and shaking my fist at the powers that be whoContinue reading “Serializing My Novel: The Monster Is Too Big to Tame”