The Importance of Kindle Direct Publishing

I have three books on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Here are the advantages: 1. Wider Audience – Kindle Direct Publishing can place your book on thousands of lists and search engines around the globe. They can format your book for Kindle, but I recommend uploading to Nook and Smashwords as well. Kindle is by farContinue reading “The Importance of Kindle Direct Publishing”

Self-Publishing: Some Advice About Marketing from Scott Steinberg

There is a great article on about Scott Steinberg whose recent book “The Modern Parent’s Guide to Kids and Video Games” is generating buzz in the self-publishing world because it is so varied in price.  There is a printed copy from for $17.99, the iBooks, Kindle and Nook versions are $3.99 and he is alsoContinue reading “Self-Publishing: Some Advice About Marketing from Scott Steinberg”

Kiana Davenport Threatened By Her Publisher for Self-Publishing Through Kindle

I read an article today about published author Kiana Davenport and her woes with self-publishing after breaking contract with her publisher, Penguin Books.  You may have read something about this yourself. Basically, Davenport a published and well recieved author had a collection of award winning short stories in her drawer that she asked Penguin Books toContinue reading “Kiana Davenport Threatened By Her Publisher for Self-Publishing Through Kindle”

The Versatile Blogger Award

Apparently, I have been nominated for “The Versatile Blogger Award”.  Thank’s for the nomination, Corey M.P.! I have only been blogging seriously now since December, and have had some pretty good success in building my platform this way.  I blog on several topics, mostly writing, but sometimes I have to sound off on several diverseContinue reading “The Versatile Blogger Award”

“The Write Deal” Publishes E-Books… But With a Catch

Today e-publisher “The Write Deal” announced that it would be launching its self-publishing program entitled “Blue Leaf” later this month which is an editor selected offering of new and unpublished e-book authors. You can read about it here. I see an immediate pro and con of this new program: Pro: Authors who are selected to beContinue reading ““The Write Deal” Publishes E-Books… But With a Catch”

Why It Is More Important to Publish With Smashwords Than Ever!

I received an automated e-mail while being kidnapped by bronchitis last week that needs to be shouted about for self-publishers everywhere: Smashwords signed a lucrative and beneficial distribution contract with Baker & Taylor.  Read the full article here. Basically what this means is that: 1.  Smashwords books gain distribution to the Blio e-reading app which comesContinue reading “Why It Is More Important to Publish With Smashwords Than Ever!”

My New e-Short Story is Up

A short story I submitted to Kindle Singles is now up.  It is available on Amazon Kindle and on the Nook.  I formatted the book for Kindle and for Nook using Scrivener. …and hey, it’s only .99 cents! The Kindle version is found here. The Nook version is found here. If you buy a copy,Continue reading “My New e-Short Story is Up”

Books I Want To Write

I have been writing off and on since the age of 15, but only seriously now for five years.  I have a list of books I want to write someday after finishing the adventure parody epic I’m writing right now.  For many of these I have outlines or have started them.  Here they are: 1.Continue reading “Books I Want To Write”

When Is My Novel Too Long?

You may have heard the story of author J.R.R. Tolkien who wrote The Lord of the Rings as one book before his publisher looked at him from across the desk and said “I’m sorry, John.  This book is just too long.  Break it up, will you?” I am not saying that a massive tome will notContinue reading “When Is My Novel Too Long?”