Character Development: A Step by Step Method

Some of the best characters have spent much time inside the brain of a writer, incubating, developing, becoming more realistic with each thought.  However, one might wonder what the process of creating great characters might entail.  I decided to record my process for creating characters (at least main characters) to help writers who have troubleContinue reading “Character Development: A Step by Step Method”

10 Open Ended Questions to Break Writer’s Block

How many times have you sat in front of the computer screen and wondered: What on earth am I going to write now?  So much has been written in the history of mankind that often we think: What can I possibly contribute to the world that would be uniquely me yet not a carbon copyContinue reading “10 Open Ended Questions to Break Writer’s Block”

Captain America Makes His First Appearance…at Walmart

Today was a great day.  I premiered my hand made Captain America and Bucky costumes at the H.U.G.s Project fundraiser at the Belle Isle Walmart in Edmond, Oklahoma.  We received many compliments, my goggles continually fogged up, I heard some great stories and hopefully helped our American servicemen and women receive much needed care packages.Continue reading “Captain America Makes His First Appearance…at Walmart”

How to Make a 1940’s Style Captain America Shield: Part 1

Some of you may know that I am busy working on a 1940’s style Captain America costume for the Avengers movie premiere on May 4th.   We will be appearing at the Warren IMax Theater.  I will be accompanied by Bucky Barnes (my son), Thor, Tony Stark, Black Widow, Wasp, and Loki.  I used toContinue reading “How to Make a 1940’s Style Captain America Shield: Part 1”

Trooping the MDA Muscle Walk: Supporting a Worthy Cause

Saturday Oklahoma City had it’s annual Muscular Dystrophy Association “Muscle Walk” which gives volunteers an opportunity to raise money for this very worthy cause. I attended to support it by wearing my home-made Mandalorian armor and “trooping” with my friends of JediOKC, an Oklahoma City Star Wars Collector/Fan Club. As always, it was the mostContinue reading “Trooping the MDA Muscle Walk: Supporting a Worthy Cause”